about us

Why does manetch exist?

After many years in the B2B information and networking industries, we simply asked ourselves how we could create a product that solves the problems of conventional business networking and media as well as delivers more value more efficiently. Our experience shows that executives need lots of input from conferences, business media, solution providers, peers, recruiters, consultants, etc. in order to make the right decisions and advance their careers. However, they don’t have enough time and budget for researching the best peers for benchmarking, attending all relevant events, reading all books and magazines, constantly scanning through job opportunities or buying advice from consultants. Therefore, in order to cut through the information and networking fog of busy executives, we introduced an online B2B matchmaking process based on structured data collected in a 5-minute questionnaire. Our goal is to be the world's leading business information platform by widely distributing while efficiently organizing the connections and content that professionals need to gain a competitive edge. The result is that these main ingredients for business success become available to more business professionals leveling the business playing field across the World.