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Negotiation and Contract Management RFID Tags Labeling Sustainable Packaging Packaging Systems
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The Green Planet Advertiser. What we do and the benefits of advertising with us You want to be a responsible person by lowering your carbon footprint BUT which companies sell environment friendly products. The website was set-up as a One Stop Shop giving you information about environment friendly companies that sell green organic, fair trade and ethical suppliers of everyday eco friendly products and services. Suppliers are listed in easy-to-use sections, with a brief description of what they provide. We provide links to a range of eco green renewable energy suppliers, fair trade clothing, health and beauty products, energy saving devices, ethical eco green gifts, organic wines and much, much more. Why use us? By advertising in our directory you can target a very specific audience who are ethically minded and actively searching for green, fair trade and eco-friendly products and services. . Benefits of being listed 1. Eco-conscious visitors know and trust our directory as a ‘one-stop’ shop for all their needs. 2. We are the only global advertising company that lets our customers set the size of there advertisement from 1 box minimum purchase... to as many as there marketing budget will allow. 3. If you purchase of 150 boxes. You can place an advert in your country of residence. You will also get a free advert in our Green Links Section. 4. Purchase 300 boxes. You could split your boxes into four 15 x 15 box squares and place an advert into your country of residence, and other countries of your choice. You will also get a free advert in our Green Links section... 5. Your advert will appear in colour, with a link to your site, contact details and a description of your company. 6. Your advert will be online 24/7 for 1 year guaranteed. 7. Your advert will be online within 8 hours of receiving your enquiry. 8. If you are a green company then we are the directories to be in. 9. Join us now and advertise your green credentials and products with us. World-wide Cost and how to advertise with us Each square [ ] cost £8. You can buy as many squares as you wish! The BIGGER your advert the more you will get noticed. Your advert will be visible on the website 24/7 for 1year Guaranteed. 1. Tell us how much space you require 2. Send brief details about your company 3. Email your company's logo 4. Send the link to your website. 5. Which country/s you want your advert displayed in. Goggle Translate The Green Planet Advertiser website can now be translated into the language of your country, simply click on the Goggle translate icon and select your language. Eco tips Every week we at the green planet advertiser will be posting eco tips on our website giving you information on how to save money but most important eco tips to help save our fragile planet from global warming, view our website to view the eco tips. Nobody sells advertising space the way we do and with the amount of flexibility if you are a green eco company then we are the directories to be in. R Allott (Mr) Owner Green Planet Advertiser View or website now at http://www.greenplanetadvertiser.com/ Like us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/robert.allott.505


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May 2013 - Present

Business Manager